Dexter Season 8 Round-up!

So we all know by now that Yvonne Strahovski will be back to reprise her Cray Cray Mckay character (first name, Hannah) in Dexter’s 8th and final (?) season. It was announced back in April. There have been numerous articles and interviews on the subject, but Yvonne has been mum on the details.

Here’s an interview with Esquire Magazine on this upcoming season of Dexter, among other things.

Here’s a quote:

 ESQ: I’m really fascinated by your character on Dexter, Hannah, because she’s kind of good, but mostly bad. Do you think she’s more of a hero or more of a villain?

YS: Subjectively, as the actress playing her, yes, she’s done some terrible things in the past, but I think she believes that everything that she’s done has been justified. She’s trying to move on and make a life for herself. She’s had people get in her way, and although she wants to keep going and have an innocent life, it really just hasn’t worked out for her. And objectively she is sort of a manipulative girl, but it’s that fine line where you can see through that manipulation as an audience member and hopefully also kind of like her at the same time.

read more here.

And now for our favorite part of any round-ups, pretty pictures! The Dexter cast had their Dexter Premier party last June 15. Cast and guests from all 8 seasons were in attendance and they looked like they had a great time!

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